Monday, February 25, 2008

crochetgurl also knits!

I learned knitting at probably the same time that I learned crocheting. Although I can remember the three people who first introduced me to crocheting (and one was a man!), I truly can't recall who taught me how to knit. Is that crazy or what? After a while, I stopped knitting because I had no patience and craved projects that gave me instant gratification. But now that I am a little older and a little wiser, I really do want to get back into knitting and learning how to do things other than knit or purl. Especially after drooling over all those gorgeous knitted cardigans and sweaters out there. Sigh. So many beautiful projects, so little time...

Last week, I went to a LYS here called The Needleworks. It's right across the street from Mission Valley mall, but it's kinda tucked into a corner which is why I never noticed it before. Anyway, one of the ladies in there was really friendly and helped me pick out a new pair of knitting needles (Susan Bates in Quiksilver) and two balls of Plymouth Baby Alpaca so I could start working on a scarf pattern I saw in the store. The needles were actually really nice. I think one of the things that might have put me off from knitting was the fact that I was using 13 inch heavy, aluminum needles in making small scarves. They would hurt my wrists after only an hour of knitting. But I knitted for 6-7 hours straight last Saturday and suffered no pain at all. Yay. This might become my favorite LYS. But we'll see...tomorrow is my birthday and my bf is taking me to downtown La Jolla to check out Knitting in La Jolla. I am so excited and can't wait!

On President's Day, I had the day off and mistakenly went down there without calling first. Turns out they weren't open on Mondays! So sad! There I was peering through the glass window at all the beautiful yarns on the other side. Well, I resigned myself to the fact that I should have checked beforehand and headed off to another LYS in La Jolla. This one is called Helga's Yarn Boutique which was only a few streets over. Imagine my disappointment when I arrived at their door and realized that they had gone out of business!!! I was beginning to wonder if the yarn gods had a thing against me. And so I went home and decided to spend the rest of my day working on my scarf.

What I have so far...

And a picture of my first alpaca yarn! I had never touched alpaca before, but now I love it!

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