Friday, February 20, 2009

Casting on for Backward Cabled Pullover

After many false starts (I counted at least 8) due to not knowing how to do short rows, I have finally got going on the Backward Cabled Pullover from Custom Knits. I'm glad I learned a new skill though although those short rows were making me very frustrated for a while.
This was the pattern that made me decide to purchase Custom Knits. However, I'll be making the alternate version they show in the book with the scoop in the front. I guess it'll be like Opulent Raglan. I'm using Karabella Margrite (3 balls which were graciously gifted upon me by my cousin during Christmas) and I have bought 2 more balls. I get the feeling I'll have to buy another ball for the sleeves so I'm a bit wary that this sweater will be made from yarn from 3 different dye lots. Oh well, hopefully it won't be too noticeable.

Here's what I have so far...

* Don't they look luscious and plump?

* Slowly growing

The yarn is supposed to be worsted weight, but it appears to be more along the lines of DK. It looks pretty thin to me but it's still so soft and luxurious. This is the first time I've used the actual yarn suggested for a pattern. (Not counting Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.) :-)

FO: Woodland Collar

Here's a second "scarf" for my cousin.

Originally, it was supposed to look like this...

This is the St. Brigid's Scarf pattern that they sell at Imagiknit in San Francisco. However halfway through, I realized that what I have above constituted 2 complete balls of the Bingo Mouline. And I only had 4 balls total. And it's a discontinued yarn that I cannot find for sale anywhere online. A few months ago, I won a free pattern in a knitting blog contest that I was intrigued to try.

Enter Woodland Collar!

* This shows the truer color of the yarn.

* Hmm...cables.

* Quick bathroom shot.

It wasn't until after I sent off the neckwarmer to her yesterday that I realized I forgot to take a close-up picture of the button. I bought the button in downtown La Jolla at a sewing/fabric store that carries hundreds of buttons. Good thing I did buy an extra button. There was a really gorgeous button that caught my eye. It looked more like a butterfly shawl pin than a button, but it cost $25! Nonetheless, it was very beautiful and I probably would have bought it if it had been more affordable.

Pattern: Woodland Collar by Hanna Breetz

Yarn: Lana Grossa Bingo Mouline in colorway 815 (Green-Purple)

Amount: 2 balls

Needles: US 9

Mods: None

Monday, February 16, 2009

FO: Reversible Cabled Scarf

My cousin (who feels more like an aunt since she's the same age as my mother) was very generous and added many, many luxurious balls of yarn to my stash recently during my trip to San Francisco. Most of the yarn I have never had a chance to knit with before since they're expensive and very Italian/European and buttery soft.

I'm too lazy to photograph all my additions, but they were 3 balls of Karabella Margrite in Plum, 3 balls of Rowan Scottish Tweed Aran in Gray, 1 skein of Dream in Color Classy in Black Parade, 2 balls of Cascade 220 Heathers in Brown, 4 balls of
Lana Grossa Bingo Mouline in Green-Purple, and 3 balls of C
ascade 220 Superwash in Black. Needless to say, I was very touched and speechless by her generousity. I love the Karabella Margrite and I plan to buy a couple more balls to make Backward Cabled Pullover from Custom Knits which actually calls for the Margrite!

So this was made for my cousin. She loves cables and the color black. I have never used Cascade 220 Superwash before, but thought it looked really beautiful and soft in the ball. However, it bled a lot and grew disappointingly longer than I had expected so I probably won't use this again in the future.

Pattern: Reversible Cabled Scarf by Lion Brand
Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash in Black
Amount: 2 balls
Needles: US 8 and 7

Size: 72" ?
Mods: None

* Folded in half

* Black cables are so hard to photograph

* Cabley goodness

Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures from San Francisco

I know I promised pictures of my Christmas trip to San Francisco, and here they are!

* The Ferry Building was really amazing and teeming with tons of fresh, food vendors.

* Inside the Ferry Building.

* The mushroom shop.

* Another shop.

* Outdoor skating rink across from the Ferry Building.

* The most awesome yarn store in San Francisco! It was so hard for me to leave the store...sob. (Also, I am wearing a brand-new, grey Gretel that I furiously knit before the trip and the red scarf I made last year.)

* Imagiknit was huge (for a LYS). This is just one room. The store is composed of 2 main rooms. I literally stood in awe for a couple minutes staring at all the yarn lining the walls.

* More yarn. I forgot to take a picture of the second room, but it was basically filled with springtime and novelty yarns. They also had a huge table heaping with handknit pattern models for sale too.

* I loved the Castro District! They had many really distinct and unique shops everywhere. Too bad I didn't have time to go into the chocolate store. This shot is taken near 18th Street, near one of the yarn stores I visited.

* Chocolate!

* Teeheeheh. Giggle giggle.

* Crepes! We had strawberry nutella crepes and a turkey artichoke. They were yummy. That's my mom on the left wearing the Gretel I had initially made for an aunt. (Mom loved it upon first sight and decided to steal it. The aunt ended up getting chocolates instead. Hehe.)

* Entering the indoor mall at JapanTown. That's my mom and dad. Dad wearing one of the first crochet caps I ever made him, and Mom with her Gretel.

* Cool, tall buildings near downtown.

* A yarn store in the Castro.

* Inside Noe Knit.