Friday, April 25, 2008


As promised, here's the deal on my Macy's trip. I have been feeling a bit blah-ish fashion-wise lately. Most of the stuff I wear to work is a bit casual and some of my winter clothing I've been sporting lately goes back to sophomore year of college. So I went on a shopping trip to Macy's last night just to "look around".

And what did you know? I ended up buying two really nice I.N.C. sweaters. One is a babydoll cardigan that looks like a beautiful handknit that I knew I had to buy once I tried it on. The price was $69, but it was on sale for $41.40. And I usually don't spend that much on one single sweater, but I couldn't resist the handknit look so I went for the plunge.

Upon bringing it to the register, the girl there told me that there was a pre-sale going on. I am like huh, what's a pre-sale? (And frankly, what's the point of having a "sale" if there is a pre-sale?) But apparently, this ultra-secret Family and Friends pre-sale means that a lot of regular price and sale price stuff at Macy's is 10-20% off. (In my case, 20% off.) The only catch is I had to pay for it up front and wait until next Wednesday to go pick them up. This made me so happy I went back and grabbed a second sweater I had tried on (I.N.C. in a gorgeous peachy pinkish shade). So in the end, my first sweater went from $69 to $41 to $33 (before tax), and my second sweater went from $49 to $29 to $24. Amazing deals, right? :-)

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Maryann said...

Sweet deal -- you always catch the best ones! :-D