Friday, April 25, 2008

My New Knitting/Crocheting Bag

Where I work, there are daily booths downstairs where people come to sell stuff. Today, I noticed a lady selling really pretty, printed tote bags. So I went in and browsed and it turns out the lady sews the handbags herself. She even brought a sewing machine so she could add velcro onto the bags at the customer's request. Well, I've been meaning to get a knitting/crocheting bag for my projects, and I thought what better bag than one that is handmade? (Man, if you ever want to sell me something, just tell me it is handmade and I am sold! Sigh.)

There were two prints that caught my eye. One had little kittens playing with yarn balls (how perfect for knitting!), and the other was a black and red floral print. The bag with the kittens was a bit bigger than what I wanted and pricier. Unfortunately, while I was being slow in my perusal, another shopper had snatched up the red floral bag which was smaller and more portable. However, after sifting through Disney themed bags, Disney princess bags, Betty Boop, SpongeBob, tapestry, country, the other shopper gave me the bag back because the owner couldn't get her credit card to run through. Yay for cash!
And here I present to you, my new knitting/crocheting bag!

Inside lining with zippered pocket

Inside lining with the other open pocket

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