Monday, August 17, 2009

FO: Leaf Yoke Top

* Happy FO * Front

* Back

* Collar

I fell in love with this pattern a couple months ago and immediately proceeded to buy the magazine simply for this top. After searching through my stash, I decided to go with the Cotton Fleece as I wanted to start using it up. All in all, I'm quite happy with this pattern and I actually found myself being happier with the top than I expected to be. I don't remember being too impressed with the yarn last year because it bled a lot in the wash, but this time I was extra careful to wash and rinse twice with vinegar. (I would die if my beautiful blocking board became stained.) And now I'm really loving the feel of the yarn.

I work in an office and knew I wouldn't be able to pull off wearing this at work, so I went to H&M over the weekend and found the perfect little short-sleeved, button-down shirt to wear under it. Voila! Now I can wear it to work and not worry about being that scandalous girl. :-)

I also decided to forgo the folded hem and opted for the scallop lace from
Titania, thanks to Jasmom's suggestion. In my opinion, I think it complements the lacy leaves well and leaves room for some "air conditioning" at the bottom.

Pattern: Leaf Yoke Top from Spring/Summer 2009 Knit.1 Magazine
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Terracotta Canyon
Amount: 2.5 balls
Needles: US 4 and 6
Cast on 8 sts instead of 10 sts for armholes
Added an inch in length by doing increase rows every 6th round instead of every 5th round

Added an extra inc round for the waist

Worked to 19 inches before starting lace pattern from Titania for the hem

Only picked up 40 sts around armhole (not including the 36 held on waste yarn)


betty said...

It looks great! I would never have thought of wearing as a vest. I might try that with mine with the weather gets a little cooler

Jasmine's Mommy said...

You knitted this top really fast! I LOVE it, as usual. Great color and I love the hem. Another great FO!

Two Cables and a Frapp said...

This is both adorable and beautiful at the same time.

twigletqueen said...

Beautiful top, I love both the lace patterns. I can't believe how fast you turn out the FOs!

Maryann said...

Really cute. :-)