Tuesday, August 18, 2009

FO: Weighted Companion Cube

A Day in the Life of a Companion Cube

* 8 am: Wake up in her rocking chair

* 9 am: Head to the kitchen to start grilling breakfast

* 10 am: Play with her owner

* 11 am: Let owner goof around and wonder what life would be like if she had a square head

* 2 pm: Check out what's on TV

* 4 pm: Play a game...

* 5 pm: Maybe even some Guitar Hero

* 6 pm: Consult the latest Knit.1 magazine

* 7 pm: Work on the Leaf Yoke Top

* 9 pm: Ahh, back to bed

This has been one of my longest FOs yet because I let it sit around and procrastinated on doing the assembly and finishing. My bf is an avid fan of video games and one of his favorite games is called Portal. In this game, you go around shooting things and you get through a level with the help of your trusty friend, the Weighted Companion Cube who lets you position it as a stepping device. However, to get to the next level, you have to throw your friend into the Incinerator. So I decided to make my bf a friend who never has to be burned. He loves it so much that I kinda regret making him that scarf that he never wears. Note to self: it's a safer bet to make geeky toys for your boy than an article of clothing. :-)

I'm very bad at motivating myself to finish/sew things up, so my bf helped with most of the sewing. In fact, he probably was responsible for at least 75% of that part. He spent one night staying up until 3 am to finish sewing up all her corners. I say "her" because he has decided that the Companion Cube will be a girl and that her official name is Kubie. :-P

I loved this pattern because I think the crochet and all those individual corners make her "pop" out more than the popular knitted version that most people have made on Ravelry. She is actually pretty similar to the plush Companion Cube seen here.

Pattern: Weighted Companion Cube from Craftster by sprocketfish
Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease in Oxford Grey (darker grey) and Grey Heather (lighter grey) and Lion Brand Vanna's Choice in Pink
Amount: 3.5 balls - Oxford Grey, 3 balls - Grey Heather, and 1 ball of the pink
Hook: 4.00 mm (G)
Mods: None, except for crocheting the sides together instead of sewing to enforce stronger seams


Two Cables and a Frapp said...

Oh I love your Companion Cube. It's nice to have a friend that doesn't say too much. I see she knows how to keep busy also.

betty said...

hmmm -- I'm not sure what to say about this thing. It's like a giant version of one these hand-held squeeze toys, sort of. I do think it's cute though.

Maryann said...

Wow, this is a lot larger than I expected from your myspace pic. You did a great job!

Lisa said...

haha that is such a great idea! good he loved it looks like it would take a lot of work :o
check out my blog xP
Lisa @ needlesandwool.blogspot.com