Monday, February 2, 2009

Pictures from San Francisco

I know I promised pictures of my Christmas trip to San Francisco, and here they are!

* The Ferry Building was really amazing and teeming with tons of fresh, food vendors.

* Inside the Ferry Building.

* The mushroom shop.

* Another shop.

* Outdoor skating rink across from the Ferry Building.

* The most awesome yarn store in San Francisco! It was so hard for me to leave the store...sob. (Also, I am wearing a brand-new, grey Gretel that I furiously knit before the trip and the red scarf I made last year.)

* Imagiknit was huge (for a LYS). This is just one room. The store is composed of 2 main rooms. I literally stood in awe for a couple minutes staring at all the yarn lining the walls.

* More yarn. I forgot to take a picture of the second room, but it was basically filled with springtime and novelty yarns. They also had a huge table heaping with handknit pattern models for sale too.

* I loved the Castro District! They had many really distinct and unique shops everywhere. Too bad I didn't have time to go into the chocolate store. This shot is taken near 18th Street, near one of the yarn stores I visited.

* Chocolate!

* Teeheeheh. Giggle giggle.

* Crepes! We had strawberry nutella crepes and a turkey artichoke. They were yummy. That's my mom on the left wearing the Gretel I had initially made for an aunt. (Mom loved it upon first sight and decided to steal it. The aunt ended up getting chocolates instead. Hehe.)

* Entering the indoor mall at JapanTown. That's my mom and dad. Dad wearing one of the first crochet caps I ever made him, and Mom with her Gretel.

* Cool, tall buildings near downtown.

* A yarn store in the Castro.

* Inside Noe Knit.


Anonymous said...

What great pix! Looks like you had a lovely time.

Siga said...

Wow, all this yarn. Makes me want to stock up too.