Tuesday, November 24, 2009

FO: Shalom Cardigan III

No, you're not going blind. There really is another Shalom Cardigan 3.0!

* Pretending to be a Macy's model

* Yoke detail

* Close-up of the buttons

Pattern: Shalom Cardigan by Involving the Senses
Yarn: Cascade Eco+ Wool in Colorway 8450
Needles: US 9 for sleeves, US 10.5 for body
Amount: 1 ball (I had literally less than a yard left after binding off!)
Mods: Shortened yoke ribbing by 2 rows each, added 11 rows for back length, picked up 52 sts around the sleeves on smaller needles and did 10 rows of garter stitch, lengthened the front, omitted waist shaping, added 2 extra buttons

After finishing Shalom Cardigan II, I was a bit disappointed. First, I had always envisioned myself in a bright red, Shalom and also I was sad that Shalom 2.0 was a bit snug. To counter, Shalom 3.0 was knitted on larger needles (same size as Shalom 1.0) and I reverted back to no waist shaping. Ultimately, it came out slightly looser than I wanted, but I still like it. A good thing is that the armholes came out looser than the other two versions, so it fits well around there too. Hehe. Maybe I'm too much of a perfectionist. It seems like none of them will ever compare to Shalom 1.0.

As for the buttons, there is a story behind that. I've been in love with that button (it's called the Hamburg button) since I saw them in Joann's months and months ago. However, they're sold in packs of 2 and they never had more than 2 buttons in stock. Finally, I buckled down and decided to buy them online. Well, yesterday, when my photographer was down in SD (reason why I suddenly have a ton of FO pics), we went to Joann's and I found 6 buttons in stock and bought them all. I'm really thrilled since I was able to use a 40% off one item coupon too. :-D

This sweater sets the record for the fastest sweater I've ever knit. It only took me 4 days from start to finish. Of course, this might be because I was still sick/recovering from sickness. So the first day, I actually spent morning until night knitting versus the couple hours I usually spend per evening knitting. I plan to bring it home and wear it around Christmas when I visit my parents next month. In other knitting news, I decided to frog Henley Perfected. I think I got too lost with all the mods I made, and I knew a project that has been sitting around for 2 months now will probably never be picked up again. So I frogged and I have started Gathered Pullover with the yarn. Hopefully, this one will turn out better. I've also started another small, Ishbel with the Malabrigo Lace I bought a couple weeks ago in the Polar Morn colorway. I'm beginning to think Ishbel will make for great plane/travel knitting next month now that I've mastered the pattern, and it's small and portable. Is it very bad of me that I tend to cast on for projects sometimes as soon as I bind off a previous project? :-D


mle said...

Wow, that is very impressive that you could knit this pattern 3 times! This one is so lovely! I love the drape that this one has.

betty said...

#3 is definitely a great color! Very cheery for winter. For the record, I don't think #2 looked too snug -- it just looked more fitted. Yarns all stretch differently after wear anyway.

p.s. -- regarding your question about my malabrigo color --it's Paris Night, but it my photos, it does look like Tortuga. I've never seen Tortuga up close and personal in a shop though.

Shannon said...

All 3 of your Shalom's look great on you! I'm thinking of knitting another one as well...mine's feeling a bit snug. That red is a great color!

irishcream06 said...

that's a lovely cardigan, and one i can see myself knitting (I love the short sleeves) where did you get the pattern for it? and is it knitted on circulars?

Jess said...

Love, love, love the buttons. They go so perfectly with the red yarn too! Both of your Shaloms look great.

Jackie said...

hey, this is in my Ravelry Q for quite sometime now, havent get the right yarn to start off. Thanks for sharing yours. nice colour, and of course, love the buttons 2.