Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy bee

I haven't updated in a while due to being quite busy and stressed out. Last week, I caught the cold that was going around my office and on top of it was somehow extra busy when I had a 102 degree fever. But luckily, I have recovered. Knock on wood! Lately, I have been stressed out over finding a new apartment, packing, and finding the perfect desk, but that will be over soon. :-) Last night, I finally bought a desk that I managed to get delivered to me. Maybe one day I'll find a matching hutch for it, but it will do for now. It is beautiful and in very good condition and I am excited because there will be enough room to throw my WIPs on it.

Tonight I'm going to begin moving my stuff over to my new apartment. I am very excited and haven't been sleeping well lately due to that. I haven't had my own room for six years. Yay to being able to sleep peacefully without hearing my roommate's snores! Yay for being able to control the ability to open my windows wide! (I love fresh air.) Although for 2 years in college, I did have a really good roomie who subsequently became my best friend. Thank god Maryann loved air too! :-D

In knitting news, Juliet was finished last Sunday when I was feverish, bored, and trying to relax. I wove in all her ends as I knitted her because I know I would never be able to finish a project if I had a million ends to weave in after alll the knitting was done. Now all she needs is to be blocked and then I will post some pictures!

Here's a picture of my new desk!


Jasmine's Mommy said...

I'm glad your feeling better! Congrats on your new apartment too.
Can't wait to see your final finished product of the Juliet.

Sway Knits said...

That is indeed a pretty desk. You should send me your email address so I can list off a few easy shawls. And thanks for the compliment on my Clapotis!