Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals

Well I've decided to enter Skeins Her Way blog contest. Details here .

Currently, this is my summer knitting goals list...

1. Finish Juliet
2. Finish Rusted Root
3. Knit Green Gable
4. Knit other lacy, summer tees/tops perhaps Delicious Stitches's Lillian top

Wonder if I can actually meet all of my goals? :-)

In other news, I began actually knitting Juliet yesterday and managed to get about 18 rows done in one night. I love the way the doubled yarn and chunky needles are making it work it up relatively quickly.


Susan said...

I think that you should try to remove one panel. I believe your suppose to make increases right before the lace section. Omit on panels worth and that should help out with the swing. You might want to drop a needle size at the beginning of this section also. Hope that helps.

Jasmine's Mommy said...

Oh, I love the green gable too. I love all their stuff. We seem to have similiar taste in clothes.
I know you will be able to finish all these projects this summer.
I'm looking forward to seeing your finish fos.