Monday, June 9, 2008

Casting on for Juliet...

I told myself that I wouldn't cast on for Juliet until I finished Rusted Root. But I couldn't resist, and besides Rusted Root isn't really going anywhere until I can get some DPNs, right?

I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in the very elusive Candy Apple Red. I found it on sale online, and now I regret not buying more since this shade appears to be out of stock.

Look at what I discovered today!

I am especially lusting after that grayish jumper on the cover. Wish I had paid more attention when I was at both Michael's AND Joann's this weekend to see if they were selling it.

Here are some of the patterns that I like...

Lacy, empire waist top and bag

Scallop pattern empire top

Twin set cardigan

Bolero cardigan


Maryann said...

Hopefully you won't run out of "candy apple red" halfway into your project!

Anonymous said...

Lovely color! Hope you can find more it you need it.

Cute patterns! I would certainly be hard to choose which to do first.