Monday, December 15, 2008

FO: Basket-weave Vest


Side view


Pattern: Easy Basket-weave Vest by Edie Eckman from Creative Knitting, September 2008
Yarn: Ella Rae Classic in color #33 (Cinnamon Brown)
Amount: a little over 4 balls?
Needles: US 8
Size: 44" chest

Mods: Had to fudge the basket-weave pattern after the armholes since I kept miscalculating. Also, I added 1 inch of 2 x 2 ribbing around the neck, armholes, and hem.

This vest is for my father that I finally finished in time before Christmas. Woo hoo! Originally, I had planned to make the Notting Hill vest but that was quickly frogged due to the difficult pattern. I'm a bit nervous because I'm not sure if this will fit him. I asked my boyfriend who is much taller and thinner than my father to test model and it looked good on him. I'm concerned because he is about a foot taller than my dad, but the length looked appropriate for him. Therefore, I'm not sure if it will be too long for my dad. I begged to take a picture of bf in it, but to no avail. He looked miserable trying it on. Sigh. Guess we'll have to wait until I can get pictures of my dad in the vest.
Sorry for the grainy pictures. I didn't have good enough lighting. If I can get better pictures later on, I'll update again!


Anonymous said...

Really lovely! I'm sure your dad will love it!

Philigry said...

i love that! i think i need to add it to my list. you did a beautiful job!

Siga said...

Be sure to make your dad model this - I'd love to see how it looks "in action".

Monique said...

Very nice job!