Thursday, June 26, 2008

Busy bee

I haven't updated in a while due to being quite busy and stressed out. Last week, I caught the cold that was going around my office and on top of it was somehow extra busy when I had a 102 degree fever. But luckily, I have recovered. Knock on wood! Lately, I have been stressed out over finding a new apartment, packing, and finding the perfect desk, but that will be over soon. :-) Last night, I finally bought a desk that I managed to get delivered to me. Maybe one day I'll find a matching hutch for it, but it will do for now. It is beautiful and in very good condition and I am excited because there will be enough room to throw my WIPs on it.

Tonight I'm going to begin moving my stuff over to my new apartment. I am very excited and haven't been sleeping well lately due to that. I haven't had my own room for six years. Yay to being able to sleep peacefully without hearing my roommate's snores! Yay for being able to control the ability to open my windows wide! (I love fresh air.) Although for 2 years in college, I did have a really good roomie who subsequently became my best friend. Thank god Maryann loved air too! :-D

In knitting news, Juliet was finished last Sunday when I was feverish, bored, and trying to relax. I wove in all her ends as I knitted her because I know I would never be able to finish a project if I had a million ends to weave in after alll the knitting was done. Now all she needs is to be blocked and then I will post some pictures!

Here's a picture of my new desk!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Juliet: Progress Report

If it wasn't for the fact that I keep messing up on my stitch counts and the lace section, Juliet should have been finished by now. However, bf did take some progress pictures over the weekend with his new camera. The first pictures ever taken with the camera too! He even offered for me to bring my FO's and UFO's to be photographed. :-)

Juliet front

Juliet back

Juliet flat

I'm not sure why, but the last picture came out looking very pink. In reality, Juliet is actually a deep burgundy red. Anyway, these pictures were taken two frogs ago. :-( I made many mistakes in the lace section and I kept coming up with the wrong numbers for the stitch count. It really pained me because I hate frogging (especially in knitting), but I tore it out. I was very happy because I finally learned how to frog "safely" this weekend thanks to my friend rchrispy on Ravelry. What I mean is using smaller knitting needles to pick up stitches back to where I want to start over again, and then pulling out my work with wild abandon. This may sound strange, but it made me feel like a liberated woman. Ever since I was 8, I have been scared of knitting because I didn't know how to frog and my remedy for it was to simply knit without mistakes (which is nearly impossible!) Now I finally discovered I don't need to be scared of making mistakes or live with the knowledge of doing something incorrectly, but stubbornly forging on due to not knowing how to go back.

Yarn Stash

I bought these yarns a while back when WEBS was having their anniversary sale, but never got around to photographing them. Here they are!

7 hanks - Classic Elite Premiere in peach color

1 hank - Classic Elite Premiere in natural color

For: Tall Latte in Everyday Crochet

7 balls of Ella Rae Silkience in a bright red color

(I couldn't resist the Cat-Envious-of-Yarn shot, even if Tony isn't my cat.)

Friday, June 13, 2008

Interweave Crochet Summer 2008

My issue of Interweave Crochet Summer 2008 arrived in the mail on Wednesday! I love staring at all the gorgeous pictures of the projects probably as much I would enjoy making them. Here are some of my personal favorites...

Gladiolus Vest by Robyn Chachula: Man, I am majorly tempted by this pattern, and there is a high probability that I will make it. The yarn suggested is too expensive, so I will have to find a more economical 70% bamboo, 30% silk substitute. Do you guys have any suggestions? When I looked at the full page photos in the magazine, I was completely blown away. These sneak previews do not do it justice. I think this designer makes really beautiful patterns and I can't wait to see her upcoming book that will be released in September. I even put it on my wish list. Hehe.

Midsummer's Dream Camisole: Looks lovely, but I think the yarn suggested is probably way too expensive. Also, it appears to flare out too much for my taste in the back.

Ocean Pearls Cardigan: Another lovely cardigan that I'm half tempted to make. It reminds me a similar pattern in Everyday Crochet by Doris Chan, except her version is lacier. Btw, what does "bed jacket" mean? Whenever I look at this pattern, I think "bed jacket" and it conjures up images of sick people in bed. (Strange, I know.)

Sir Stephen, the Bunny: Isn't he adorable? Awww...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Summer Knitting Goals

Well I've decided to enter Skeins Her Way blog contest. Details here .

Currently, this is my summer knitting goals list...

1. Finish Juliet
2. Finish Rusted Root
3. Knit Green Gable
4. Knit other lacy, summer tees/tops perhaps Delicious Stitches's Lillian top

Wonder if I can actually meet all of my goals? :-)

In other news, I began actually knitting Juliet yesterday and managed to get about 18 rows done in one night. I love the way the doubled yarn and chunky needles are making it work it up relatively quickly.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Casting on for Juliet...

I told myself that I wouldn't cast on for Juliet until I finished Rusted Root. But I couldn't resist, and besides Rusted Root isn't really going anywhere until I can get some DPNs, right?

I am using Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in the very elusive Candy Apple Red. I found it on sale online, and now I regret not buying more since this shade appears to be out of stock.

Look at what I discovered today!

I am especially lusting after that grayish jumper on the cover. Wish I had paid more attention when I was at both Michael's AND Joann's this weekend to see if they were selling it.

Here are some of the patterns that I like...

Lacy, empire waist top and bag

Scallop pattern empire top

Twin set cardigan

Bolero cardigan

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Rusted Root

This is my first knitted shirt and it really should have taken me only 2 weeks to complete. However, due to the sleeves, it will probably hibernate for a while. The pattern states that you are supposed to use 2 size 4 circular needles to do the sleeves, but I'm not sure what that means. (I am still an advanced beginner in knitting.) So I think I will try using size 4 DPNs (which will also be a new experience for me)! After trekking out to Michaels and Joann's today, I realized that neither store carried size 4 DPNs! This means I'll have to order them from and possibly throw in some yarn to get free shipping. I spotted a beautiful shade of Patons Classic Wool at both of the stores today. Paprika. It's a terracotta orange color. Now I am tempted to get some once Joann's has a Patons sale...

Progress pictures of Rusted Root so far...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

FO: Babydoll Dress

This dress took me about a month to complete. After much frogging, frustration, and time, here she is!

Pattern: Babydoll Dress from Interweave Crochet Spring 2008
Yarn: Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece in Putty
Amount: 5 balls
Size: 32" bust
Hooks: E, G, H (yeah my gauge is always weird)

Man, I do have red eyes...

And should probably clean my mirrors before the photoshoot...

And here is my take on the classic 1960s sideways tilt angle that I see in vintage crochet/knitting magazines...

Last, but not least, here is the back...

If I ever decide to make another one, I would probably make it in the size 34" bust. I went down one size to create negative ease, but apparently the bodice section already has a bit of negative ease built in.

FO: Green Newsboy Cap

Another crochet newsboy cap. I don't know why I keep making hats that I never wear. Not sure if I like it enough to keep it. I might frog it and use it to make something else. If I frog it, I will have 3 balls of this yarn to perhaps make a shrug?

Pattern: Same as the brown newsboy one
Yarn: Vanna's Choice in Olive
Amount: 2 balls
Hooks: J and L

FO: Short 'N Sweet

I have been so bad at keeping up with my blog. But now I present to you a series of FOs!

Pattern: Short 'N Sweet from SnB: The Happy Hooker
Yarn: Tahki Cotton Classic in a royal purple
Amount: 5 skeins
Hook: Size H

And close-up of detailed lace...

It is still missing a purple button to be attached, but I'll do that once I can find a needle small enough to go through the hole.